Obatzda.com is a web-site by Michael Larabel, the founder of Phoronix Media, lead developer of OpenBenchmarking and Reside@HOME, and is involved with several other companies. Obatda.com details his adventures in Bavaria and other parts of Germany. Of particular interest is the wonderful beers, food, and culture that comes out of this great German state. Chronicled on Obatzda.com is also the hundreds of different beers he has tried around the world. Obatzda is a unique Bavarian cheese delicacy that's commonly eaten with a pretzel in Bavarian beer gardens, while drinking a liter of beer, of course.

In the time when not engaged in business matters, Michael enjoys drinking delicious Bavarian beers and attending German/Bavarian festivals. While an American, Michael is a self-proclaimed "Born Again Bavarian" after falling in love with the incredible culture, beer, food, people, and other aspects of the region. Michael Larabel is a yearly attendant of the Munich Oktoberfest festival and has vowed to continue going every year -- he frequently stays for the entire duration of the festival and is commonly found at the Augustiner tent.

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